WordPress Development

Custom WordPress Websites

Nothing is more exciting than taking my designs and turning them into custom WordPress websites. But this can only be accomplished when I really understand my client’s business and their audience. When I have a clear picture of what needs to happen, I consider this a well-defined problem, and I provide a solution.

I use color, typography, images and layout to design an attractive website, and then I use WordPress for functionality, taxonomy, architecture and ease of use for the site owner to manage their content.

Static to WordPress & Responsive

As an experienced WordPress theme builder, I can turn any static website into a responsive WordPress website. For examples you can look here and here. The first example was a static, fixed site that I easily converted to WordPress, and to be responsive and mobile friendly. The second site was already built in WordPress but was not responsive. In just a couple of hours I converted it to a mobile friendly site that is indistinguishable from the fixed version until it’s viewed on a mobile device.

I have a thorough understanding of WordPress development, and how to harness its power for almost any situation. I believe WordPress is an excellent solution for most websites.

Angela J. Holden

I’m a web designer and custom WordPress theme builder in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’ve been designing and building websites since 2009, and I love every minute that I spend doing it.