Frontend Development

The integrity of every website begins with the HTML used to build its structure, and the CSS used to create its style. This is a universal truth for all websites, regardless of the framework or content management system used to power the site. A front end developer’s primary responsibility is to be competent at writing front end code.

Front end development is my first love. It took many years for me to learn it and be good at it, and I still learn something new each time I sit down to work. A front end developer who adheres to web standards and responsive techniques is a must in modern web design.

Life Boat Mockup

This is the homepage mockup for Life Boat Network designed in Photoshop. A capable front end developer should be able to take this design and write the HTML, CSS, and a modest amount of jQuery or Javascript to create this page.


Angela J. Holden

I’m a web designer and custom WordPress theme builder in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’ve been designing and building websites since 2009, and I love every minute that I spend doing it.