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I’m a Minnesotan

What a year. I won’t pretend 2015 was all rainbows and unicorns, because it wasn’t, but what started out really bad with some challenges, is ending quite nicely. And I have my friends, family and clients to thank for that.... Read More

WordPress Coaching Episode 005

Welcome back to the fifth episode of WordPress Coaching. My sincere apologies for the delay posting this episode and getting new episodes out in a timely manner. Moving forward I’m developing a new strategy for the podcast that keeps everything... Read More

WordPress Coaching Episode 004

This is a 30 minute episode of WordPress Coaching to make up for missing the Thursday episode last week. Today I’m continuing the discussion about WordPress terminology starting with common designer and developer terms, then moving onto the WordPress dashboard... Read More

WordPress Coaching Episode 003

Welcome to the Monday edition of WordPress Coaching. In this episode I’m talking about common terminology related to WordPress and web design. I think if you’re new to either, it can be difficult to stay on the same page without... Read More

WordPress Coaching Episode 002

In the second episode of the podcast I talk about taxonomy, or grouping and classifying your content with categories and tags. Taxonomy is an important term that gets used a lot in the WordPress community, because it’s all about keeping... Read More

WordPress Coaching Episode 001

WordPress Coaching is a twice weekly podcast providing WordPress tips and tricks in 15 minutes or less. I started my career in technology back in 2009 as a podcaster, and I couldn’t be more excited to produce a show that... Read More

Paying for Facebook & Social Media Ads

Why you should pay for Facebook advertising. Late last year Facebook announced it was going to significantly reduce showing the posts you publish to your Business Page, to your followers. A lot of people are upset about this because, up... Read More

Zucchini Pasta with Parmesan Cheese

I love this dish so much I decided to show it off. It combines my two favorite things: pasta and zucchini. And all you need is: Olive Oil Herbs (I like Mrs. Dash) 2 Large Zucchinis Grated Parmesan Cheese You’ll... Read More

Email Signature for Gmail

This is a signature I just finished building for my Gmail. I see nice signatures all the time and finally took the time to make a nice one for myself. What makes this noteworthy (in my mind) is that it’s... Read More

Free HTML5 Template

I recently finished building my first premium WordPress theme called Crafty, and as I prepare to sell it in my Etsy Shop, Theme Honey, I decided to offer the Crafty HTML5 template for free. This template is responsive and features... Read More

WordPress Template Tags

This snippet is for creating custom template tags in WordPress. Add it to an includes file to keep your functions.php tidy.... Read More

Styling Typography

If you’re styling a template or theme, this is some basic markup for typography. Check out HTML-Ipsum if you’re looking for more markup like forms and tables.... Read More

Mail Chimp Subscription Form

This snippet can be used to connect a simple input and submit button to your Mail Chimp account. All you need is your MC action="" URL which you can find using these intructions: Read More

WordPress Comment Count

This snippet includes Font Awesome, so if you aren’t using that you should remove . This goes well next to any post meta you have to show whether or not their are any comments yet.... Read More

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