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My expertise is HTML5, SCSS and JavaScript. I build websites and web apps with WordPress, Vue, Node and Express.

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HiMy name is Angela Holden and I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2013 I earned a Master’s Degree in Technical Communication with an emphasis on information architecture and usability. I also have a B.A. in Management & Employment Law, and an A.S. in Paralegal Studies. I worked for John K. Rossman at the law firm Moss & Barnett in Minneapolis for over five years as a paralegal, commercial debt collector and executive producer of The Debt Collection Drill podcast.

This website has a portfolio of the projects I’ve worked on. I love HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and I’m living the dream as a frontend developer. I work on a variety of projects in numerous industries, and I thoroughly enjoy the collaborative experience I have with my clients.

For more information about what I can do, please contact me for a consultation.


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