Websites Are Words

First I’ll perform a content inventory of your current site to determine the new site’s structure, layout and functionality. In my experience, most websites don’t need complete architecture overhauls. Usually a site’s existing content can be improved with thoughtful copy editing; and with a fresh layout and design, the same content can look spectacular in its new home.

With that said, its also good to evaluate for content rot and remove anything that’s not relevant and timely, well written, or serving a purpose. Content that speaks clearly to your audience is crucial for a website to be successful.

I’m an experienced blogger and content creator, and I have a Master’s Degree in Technical Communication. I understand how modern audiences consume content. If your web designer doesn’t understand this, your site won’t communicate effectively.

Angela J. Holden

I’m a web designer and custom WordPress theme builder in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’ve been designing and building websites since 2009, and I love every minute that I spend doing it.