UI & UX Design

When you hire me for User Interface and User Experience design, I’ll create a style guide to illustrate a look and feel design. Style guides include color palette, typography, content headers, logo use, buttons and navigation. I generally create both a static style guide with Photoshop and an interactive style guide using HTML and CSS.

Next I create wireframes to illustrate layout for the homepage, header and footer. I usually create one to two additional wireframes to represent inner pages like a single blog post with sidebar, or any content that requires unique styling.

Finally I combine the look and feel of the style guide elements with the wireframes for a fully designed homepage mockup for both the desktop and a mobile device. Upon approval I begin the front end coding to bring the design to life in the browser.

Theme Honey Style Guide

Theme Honey is a personal project I work on in my spare time. Click Here to see the Theme Honey HTML5 Style Guide in action. This is an excellent way to communicate look and feel designs.


Angela J. Holden

I’m a web designer and custom WordPress theme builder in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’ve been designing and building websites since 2009, and I love every minute that I spend doing it.